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Challenge #24 : Theme Challenge [Bigger is Better]

Most of our challenges ask you to think inside the box - a 100x100 box, that is. This time, your challenge is to make graphics that are bigger than the standard livejournal icon. You can make tumblr graphics, computer wallpapers, phone wallpapers, or even icons for sites that require an image bigger than 100x100 (I'm looking at you, 8tracks..). Below the cut are some examples & inspiration to get you started.

(click for full)

teen4ge-dream2 || mickeyandcompany

katesseth || targayrens
victoryagamii || lia0012

Resources & Inspirations.

textures by royalepsds || textures by poebeau

textures by textuers || textures by nomatterwhatuniverse

Retrograde Evolution by PusillanimousPie || Barn Find by Seahorse Girl

fake rothko by aaadam || Fading Light by feedyourwanderlust

X - Graphics should be made for this challenge, and cannot be submitted for points elsewhere
X - Graphics should be more than 100x100px in size.  There are no file size limits for this challenge.
X - Graphics are worth 10 points & you can earn up to 60 points (6 graphics).
X - You may submit your graphics in a comment here, or by posting elsewhere (such as neutral_court) and then linking to your submission
X - Graphics are due on September 24 at the end of the day, your time.
Tags: -challenge, -round two, theme challenge

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